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  proph y, Dec 13 2013

is wine bullshit?

I mean not really b/c it tastes fucking great and goes amazing with food if paired well but like when niggas start talking about all this bullshit and where the grapes come from come the fuck on.

All that matters is love, relationships, some sense of purpose, some excitement, some transcendence some inspirations.

Like if you gotta place to live with a patio or a porch or somethin, then like some good food to eat whether that is finding the spots or just cookin' up some shit in the kitchen then like we are all naked and it's against the rules to be naked so we gotta' wear something might as well be so fresh and so clean clean.

I mean if you gotta place to sleep, some food to eat, and some clothes that are comfortable and clean and takin' care of business then you just gotta hang with some cool people and contribute to something and do some new, exciting shit every now and then. The Recipe.

Experiment. Mad Scientist. Learn. Experience. Do stuff. Knowledge. Relationship. People. Human Beings. The World. Environments within that World. Yourself. ohmmmm...

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